Hi, I'm B.J. - musician, educator, motivator, and creator. I live in Philadelphia, but I was born and raised in New Jersey. I've been a performing drummer and percussionist for over 25 years and a drum teacher for nearly two decades. I'm also a songwriter, an audio production specialist, and I play a bunch of other instruments. I love being in front of a crowd, whether it's playing music or just talking about the things that excite and inspire me. I might even tell a joke or two. One word people would NEVER use to describe me is "shy," but I like to think that my enthusiasm is contagious. I also think that, deep down, everyone is a drummer, and that my purpose in life is to bring music into the lives of everyone I can reach.

I have a degree in Music Education and I'm a New Jersey certified K-12 music teacher. As a private drum teacher, drumline instructor, and public high school band director, I've had the pleasure of teaching thousands of students. At my last count, I've taught nearly 20,000 (!) drum lessons, and spent almost as much time working with various student and professional groups. I'm proud that many of my students have gone on to a number of distinguished college music programs like The Julliard School, Berklee College of Music, University of Michigan, and University of Miami, and that many have become accomplished professional performers and teachers… and even a Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame member! (Dick Boccelli AKA Dick Richards of Bill Haley's Comets - R&R HOF Class of 2012).

B.J. Caplli Photo

As a performer, I've played in nearly every musical setting, from orchestras, wind ensembles, and jazz groups, to rock, pop, hip-hop, and reggae bands. I perform frequently throughout the East Coast and have appeared on a number of recordings with a variety of groups.

When I'm not teaching, performing, speaking, or writing music, I'm usually enjoying a craft brew with my pianist wife, Leslie; probably watching, reading about, or discussing hockey (Go Flyers!); and almost definitely hanging out with my Boston Terrier sidekick, Berklee.

5 Fun Facts About Me:

  • Was a rock radio DJ for a few years, and I got a chance to talk to a lot of musicians I love. It was awesome!
  • Grew up by the beach, but I've never once been on a surfboard - it's a little embarrassing.
  • Love Italian subs (we don't call them hoagies where I'm from), but you can only get the good bread in the Atlantic City area.
  • Worked for five of my teenage years in a seafood restaurant, where I briefly held the record for the most food cans opened, emptied, and crushed in five minutes. I didn't get a trophy.
  • Make a mean chicken cheesesteak salad. Seriously, it's how I convinced my wife to start dating me.