Inspire your group with most rockin' team-building activity around!

Research has shown that playing music, especially playing the drums, reduces stress and promotes creativity. Research has also found that shared rhythmic activities promote social interaction, cooperation, and teamwork. Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your team through one of my custom-tailored programs. Based on the same original learning system I used for my book, Armchair Drummer: The Easiest Way to Start Playing the Drums, which I developed and refined through years of teaching and research, these programs will have everyone participating in the drumming fun! But it's not just fun - each program also has a message and methodology that explicitly and clearly explains how participants can take the principles of the program and apply them to their lives and work to be happier and more productive. The message can also be tailored specifically for your company or organization and its individual goals and principles.

Hand drumming and drum circle-based programs are also available, as are non-music motivational and educational presentations.

Program lengths can range from 30 minutes to an entire weekend, and can include a variety of activities like ice-breakers, energizers, motivators, stress-relievers, and power collaborations.

Make your next inservice, small group session, or retreat a life-changing musical experience for your team!

B.J. Caplli presenting how to Bang It Out.